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SendtoNews is the fastest growing syndicator of Sports Video Highlights in the world.

We monetize and distribute game highlights, player interviews and other fan-interest content for more than 75 sports leagues on four continents and our publishing partners represent more than 1000 television, radio, print and online news outlets.

We also operate the industry's only 'Premium Advertising Network' where we package and connect new, exclusive inventories of sports video content with large-scale, creative opportunities for major sponsors.

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Leagues & Teams

  • Reach new fans and
    new markets
  • Exciting new sponsorship opportunities
  • PREMIUM digital marketing strategy commanding the highest CPMs in the industry
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Sendtonews For

Broadcasters & Publishers

  • PREMIUM, sought-after video content at no cost
  • Enhanced readership loyalty and site "stickiness"
  • Equitable revenue share and sustainable business model
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Brands & Agencies

  • Creative "deep" integration and PREMIUM placement with key publisher properties
  • Efficient national to hyper-local market reach
  • Near realtime metrics and
    full transparency
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