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The team at SendtoNews are intelligent, pasionate, driven and gifted (or crazy, depending on whom you talk to). We believe we are famous and that the world just doesn't know it yet. We are driven by the common vision that we are change leaders showing our industry the true business potential of digital sports video content.

If you would like to be considered a candidate for one of our job openings, you must know that we work extremely hard, we love what we do, and we are self-motivated with a strong desire for success. We are also a very tight group - so before you wow us with your skills and experience, recognize that you will be likely evaluated more on your ability to bring a sense of collaboration, comaraderie and good humour.

Also, you better like sports as much as we do...

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Do you have an unusual skill set and/or experience that sets you apart? If you are looking for a position with SendtoNews outside of the positions currently available, we encourage you to submit your cover letter and resume to careers@sendtonews.com.

Contact us online or call toll free 855.590.1991 to learn more.