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Matthew Watson
Chair and CEO

Matthew Watson brings a history of success in the technology industry.   Matthew first involvement with STN was helping our founder during the early years of SendtoNews with strategic planning and team development before having to fully focus on his own start up, Armorlogic, which as CEO he grew to a leader in web application security for large enterprises, before the company was sold to Alert Logic.  

Matthew began his career in tech as a senior executive of ACD Systems growing it from digital imaging software start up to public company and global leader in digital imaging technology.    Matthew was also the Chief Operating Officer of Carmanah Technologies during its rapid rise from a marine lighting company to a global leader in Solar LED lighting.

Matthew became Chair and CEO of SendtoNews in 2015.  

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Philippe Guay
Executive VP, Sales & Strategic Partnerships

As Executive VP, Sales & Strategic Partnerships, Philippe is responsible for defining strategic sales objectives and action plans. He also works with major brands and agencies in Toronto & New York, serving as SendtoNews' lead representative in these key regions. Philippe is also working closely with SendtoNews' CEO, setting up distribution deals with print and broadcast media partners, as well as delivering major national brands for advertising sponsorship.

Prior to joining SendtoNews, Philippe served as Vice President, National Sales at Quebecor Media since 2009, where he led a large sales organization with the primary goal to develop an integrated approach to media sales. Leveraging all the assets of QMi, he saw first hand "the power of content", as QMi successfully transformed its content approach with the creation of the QMI Agency in late 2009.

Philippe has an extensive background in marketing, sales and logistics chain management, as well as more than 17 years of experience in consumer packaged goods and retail. He was previously Chief Marketing Officer with Laura Secord and has worked with other food industry leaders, including H.J. Heinz and Frito Lay.

Philippe holds a Bachelor of Administration from Université de Sherbrooke and an M.B.A. from the University of Western Ontario.

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Mike "JB" John-Baptiste
Executive VP, Content and Corporate Development

JB has gained a strong depth of knowledge as a seasoned business development executive, a market strategist and an investment banker over the last twenty years. At SendtoNews, JB has a wide array of responsibilities, from global content rights management and monetization to strategic corporate financing initiatives.

In addition to his role at SendtoNews, JB is an advisor at MK-Ultra, a mobile apps development agency, and IWantThatLook, a search platform for makeup how-to videos. Previously he was also CEO of Peerset (acquired by KIT Digital in 2011), one of the first software companies to analyze big data for content recommendations and ad targeting. Between 2006 and 2008, JB served as Senior Vice President, Sports Content & Platform Sales and Global Distribution for JumpTV, where he oversaw a 23 person team and whose clients and partners included Athletic Departments at Ohio State, Duke and Florida and internet brands Youtube, AOL and MySpace.

JB is also actively involved in his local community with a focus on youth development. He co-founded a non-profit called TennisTalk in 2000 and currently serves on the board of the Lighthouse Community Charter School in Oakland, California.

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Keith Wells
Founder, VP Content & Innovation

As a conventional broadcaster with over twenty years of on-air and production experience, Keith has significant 'inside the newroom' experience, having worked in both news and sports as an anchor, reporter and professional videographer experienced at shooting, editing and producing features. At SendtoNews, Keith uses his extensive knowledge of newsroom workflow to support our media side customers and their use of our system. Keith is also actively involved in the development of our strategic partnerships.

Keith has been on the cutting edge of digital and Internet video technology and New Media in general since 1998. He has extensive knowledge of camera and editing, compression and file transfer technology.

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David J.C. Davies
VP of Corporate Communications

David is a "deep thinker" and a communications specialist with over 20 years of experience, David has over 20 years of proven marketing achievements and is the founder of HarbourWerks Strategies Inc. For SendtoNews, he is responsible for the design and implementation of our strategic communications programs as well as growing our market prominence and brand.

In 2001, David began working with Carmanah Technologies Corporation (TSX: CMH) and his communications programs set the groundwork for the company to successfully leverage its core solar-powered LED marine lighting technology into new vertical markets. He successfully engaged editorial coverage around the world, from the New York Times to BBC News, as well as spearheaded Carmanah's awards nominations; the company has been honoured with more than 60 awards, including Canadian Exporter of the Year (2006) a GLOBE Award, and BC Technology Company of the Year (2007).

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Peter Beblo
VP of Technology

Peter has a rich interdisciplinary programming background spanning more than 25 years. From circuit board design and manufacturing to assembly language programming and the development of embedded systems, databases, Internet applications... he has truly done it all. Peter has developed a reputation for his gifted analytical skills and ability to develop solutions "outside of the box". He is responsible for the design and implementation of SendtoNews' software systems and utilities.

From 1993 to 2000, Peter served as the Manager of Information Systems for The Law Society of British Columbia. From 2000 - 2002, Peter took on the role of Senior Technology Architect for the society, where he lead the development of the Juricert™ Registration System, an online application that provides digital credentials for law professionals (extensively used to this day in the land title transfer process).

In 2002, Peter founded Beblo Technologies Inc., a software development firm that has produced a wide range of client-side and web-based applications, including a secure communications software platform that is in wide use by the North American power utility industry.

Peter has a Diploma in Programming and Systems Analysis from the Control Data Institute (1983).

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