Posted on Jun 22, 2015

SendtoNews Releases SPORTStation Digital Video Center

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June 22, 2015 - New York, NY - SendtoNews Video Inc. announced the rollout of SPORTStation, a comprehensive and highly customizable digital video center. Offering increased viewer engagement, outstanding ad viewability, and an enormous inventory of premium sports video content, this advanced syndication platform is now available to all members of its news partner network - representing more than 1000+ online properties.


SPORTStation Highlights

  • SPORTStation can be embedded in a news website in minutes and provides immediate access to a never ending flow of premium sports video content, as well as an equitable share of all revenues generated via content sponsorship. "We look at SPORTStation as a decentralized "YouTube" style video center for digital sports content,"states Greg Bobolo, CEO of SendtoNews. "It provides viewers with access to a wide array of national, regional and hyper-localized sports content while automatically handling the tangled web of distribution rights on behalf of our news publishing partners."
  • SPORTStation provides advertisers outstanding viewability; once triggered via various means - a high engagement trending video sidebar widget, an in-story hyperlink, etc. -  it loads "front and center" as a modal overlay on our publishing partners' websites. SendtoNews' sports video content is both VAST and VPAID compliant and the architecture of SPORTStation addresses the ever growing market concern around viewability fraud.
  • With more than 60% of traffic visiting SendtoNews' publishing network via mobile platforms, SPORTStation is fully mobile compatible.
  • SPORTStation can also be configured by each publisher for localized readership preferences."SPORTStation has built in intelligence and provides deep metrics for evaluating and maximizing viewer engagement,"continues Bobolo. "It provides readers with trending content and recommendations based on their unique click path, ensuring they are getting the sports highlights that interest them most."
  • SPORTStation provides near real time performance metrics and reporting so our advertisers can accurately monitor the performance of their media buy, work with us to make ongoing adjustments to maximize campaign results, and compare their campaign results with SendtoNews against other advertising programs in place to evaluate relative ROI.

For brands and ad agencies, SPORTStation is a compelling digital advertising platform with a range of creative opportunities. "The vast majority of our content is exclusive and our advertisers can closely associate their brands with premium content at a fraction of the price of live or long-form content,"states Bobolo. "A best-of-breed revenue share model also ensures that SPORTStation receives priority page positioning and advertisers have the flexibility to run ad campaigns on team content, league content, specific league events or across multiple leagues and events. The options are limitless and we can customize campaigns to meet practically any budget or scale."

To become an accredited SendtoNews newsroom partner, contact: Philippe Guay, Executive VP Strategic Partnerships, Mobile: 917.558.3108 Email: or call toll free 855.590.1991.

For more details about SPORTStation:
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SendtoNews currently generates over 200 million monthly video views through the distribution of exclusive and semi-exclusive content from 75+ sports leagues, including MLB, NBA, NHL, PGA TOUR, NCAA and Premier League Soccer.

SendtoNews' sports video content is both VAST and VPAID compliant and the architecture of its video player technologies, as well as its independent analytics partnerships, address market needs for transparency around viewability and invalid traffic.

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