Posted on Apr 24, 2017

STN April Newsletter

Digital Trends

Video everywhere was a dominant strategy in Q1 of 2017, and should continue through the year. And in this strategy, short-form video is what will drive the most engagement.

Publishers have 10 seconds to grab the viewer's’ attention. More than that, nearly half of viewers will stop watching by the end of the first minute. This is why it’s important that your video cuts to the chase and provides the user with engaging material right off the bat.

Publishers need to look at their content and ask what is more likely to keep the user on the page. Official highlights, recaps and expert analysis like the short-form video in the STN library have a higher rate of user retention than generic content like talking heads or “words with pictures” clips, keeping readers on the page and encouraging habitual views.

STN In The News

A recent article from Business in Vancouver profiled SendtoNews and our incredible growth over the past twelve months. STN Chair and CEO Matthew Watson was profiled in the article and later interviewed on Roundhouse Radio in Vancouver.


To read the article click HERE
To hear the interview click HERE and skip to 15:35


STN continues to be an industry leader as the March comScore rankings have SendtoNews in the top 3 for Total Views.


March saw an increase of total views for STN of over 25% to 92,686,000, placing us in 3rd overall for sports media. While STN saw a modest month to month increase in unique viewership (5.8%), our year to year growth for this metric reached over 75%.


STN has always prided ourselves on having some of the widest spread distribution for our advertisers in all of digital sports media.  With the playoffs underway, STN is well on pace to deliver two season-long campaigns for KFC and Metro PCS, which have creatives positioned exclusively on our NBA content.  

The breadth of our network is easily able to accommodate the nearly 10 million impression quota for the brands across highlights, recaps and trending stories provided directly from the NBA to over 500 publishers in the top DMAs in the country.


Baseball is back and STN is excited to provide all of its publishing partners exclusive digital content directly from MLB.  STN’s premium Major League Baseball content includes:

    • Full game highlights
    • League wide round-ups (FastCast)
    • Must C Plays
    • Player/Manager Interviews
    • Trending and Viral Content



Another one of our longtime publishing partners, Gannett Co, has implemented STN’s Golf Page Hosting platform.


The publishing giant is now in the process of rolling out STN’s dedicated golf page on over 100 of their publishing partners.  This page is completely automated and populated by STN, requiring little or no work on the publisher's end.  This ensures their readership will have access to premium golf videos, news, updates and scores on a consistent basis.
STN is happy to make this service available to all its publishing partners.  To find out how to maximize your users golf experience, email

About SendtoNews

SendtoNews is North America’s leading sports video and advertising platform. The company has created an expanding publisher network that now includes more than 1500 sports news properties across North America on marquee brands such as USA Today, LA Times, New York Daily News, Chicago Tribune, The Arizona Republic, San Francisco Chronicle, St. Louis Post Dispatch, Houston Chronicle, Cincinnati Enquirer and the Detroit Free Press.

SendtoNews currently generates over 200 million monthly video views through the distribution of exclusive and semi-exclusive content from 75+ sports leagues, including MLB, NBA, NHL, PGA TOUR, NCAA and Premier League Soccer.

SendtoNews' sports video content is both VAST and VPAID compliant and the architecture of its video player technologies, as well as its independent analytics partnerships, address market needs for transparency around viewability and invalid traffic.

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