What We Do


Sports Video Distribution

We provide digital publishers with hundreds of daily video clips to meet their viewers' insatiable demand for high-quality, local sports content while delivering a meaningful revenue share through high CPM pre-roll advertisements.

SendtoNews is one of the largest distributors of digital sports video, supplying rights held content from partners like MLB, NBA, PGA Tour, NHL, PAC-12 and 75+ others to our publishing network of over 1500 digital newspaper, radio and television outlets.

SendtoNews’ has developed industry-leading content distribution tools that engage the home-team fan on their favorite site.  The content is hyper-local, engaging and adds proven value in both revenues generated and user experience to our partners.

"After fully vetting the category, we feel confident that SendtoNews' flexible platform provides the most turnkey solution in the local content space and the most powerful way to distribute our content to local outlets."
Marc Jenkins, Vice President of Digital Media

Publisher Partnerships

SendtoNews supports newsrooms with exclusive broadcast quality, professionally-produced and league approved video content from top tier professional and amateur sports leagues.  Because we operate on a revenue share model, your success is our success and our dedicated team is committed to helping you thrive in the digital video landscape.

Technology Integrations

SendtoNews technology is easy to integrate, customizable to any audience, requires little to no maintenance on the publisher's end, and delivers high quality and engaging sports videos on every page.  

We pride ourselves on seamless automated solutions for publishers to provide an in-depth and rich media experience for their users.  Our players can not only be tailored to any sport (MLB, NBA, PGA Tour etc), but customized on a team by team level, delivering local content to any page.  Our player is designed for automation so publishers can ensure that the most relevant video content is always populated on their site or in their articles.  

We also provide the tools needed to deliver on key metrics that yield high CPMs from advertisers.  Using integrations like our HV Player, Sports Page Hosting, and soon to be released Smart Player, STN publishing partners are well positioned to take advantage of growing digital advertising dollars. 

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